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Corporate volunteering

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What is corporate volunteering?

For businesses, companies and organisations, your staff and reputation are the most important assets you have. As a group, you can all come together to volunteer your time for the benefit of your customers, clients, communities and audiences.

Whether you want to participate in a one-off team project, a regular ongoing engagement, or support your staff to volunteer individually, we can find the right opportunities for your people in our volunteer network.

The benefits of corporate volunteering to your organisation

Benefits to employers:

  • Build connections with your audiences, customers and communities.
  • Improve your organisation’s collaborative practices, team culture and staff morale.
  • Team building creates stronger connections and higher staff retention.
  • Encourage staff to develop new professional and personal skills.
  • Increase your organisation’s profile, exposure, brand and social values.
  • Feature in our volunteer network as one of our volunteer network partners.

Benefits to employees:

  • Meet new people and establish new connections.
  • Make a difference to peoples lives.
  • Gain news skills, abilities and experience.
  • Make new friendships and connections with team members.

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