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To join our corporate volunteering network, call us on 02 6621 7397,  email volint@nrcg.org.au or visit our Lismore Community Hub.

Corporate volunteering

Corporate volunteering can improve your organisation and your community

We support organisations that want to volunteer their time to support their local community, by finding the best opportunities and projects for their teams and staff.

There are great corporate volunteering opportunities for your organisation’s staff and teams at all levels, from board members and managers to front-line staff.

Whether it be individual placements, day-long team building opportunities or other team projects, we have the networks to make it happen.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Improved visibility to your customers and potential new customers
  • Team building opportunities
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Improved organisational culture and staff morale
  • Better understanding of our communities
  • Better understanding of how not-for-profits operate
  • Insight into disadvantages that affect others
  • Leadership
  • Staff training
  • Opportunities to learn new skills and improve existing ones 
  • Improved public reputation
  • New network development and business opportunities
  • Media interest
  • Great photo opportunities

Corporate volunteering project options

  • Community fellowships and project development assignments. These are short term placements in community organisations where the projects to be undertaken are clearly defined and are usually time-specific.
  • Secondments. An employee from your organisation volunteers full time as a community organisation staff member, with expenses covered by your organisation. This option is often used during significant employee career change such as early retirement or mid-career management development.
  • Team development assignments. A project is developed collaboratively by your organisation and a community organisation, which is designed to improve community outcomes and meet your own team building goals.
  • One-to-one support mentoring. An employee from your organisation undertakes a mentoring or support role for someone who will benefit from their knowledge and experience.
  • Non-executive roles. There are a number of non-executive roles that your organisation’s employees can undertake in a voluntary capacity, such as a not-for-profit management board member, a formal trustee or governor, and honorary roles of a committee chair, treasurer or secretary.
  • Individual volunteering. An employee from your organisation chooses a volunteer project that has a particular personal resonance. Your organisation supports their efforts with formal or informal acknowledgements, matched funding or time off in lieu.
  • Done-in-a-day projects. Local activities or events that are designed to involve all or part of your organisational staff. These volunteer projects are great for team building, improving organisational culture, boosting morale and increasing motivation.

Eligibility and membership fees


Our corporate volunteering services are open to all eligible organisations in the Northern Rivers region. Your organisation is eligible if it:

  • Holds current personal injury and public liability insurance cover for volunteers.
  • Is committed to the Volunteering Australia national standards for volunteer involvement. Visit volunteeringaustralia.org for more details.

Membership fees

Membership for organisations to join our corporate volunteering network costs only $100 for one year (GST inclusive).

Fee exemptions are available for volunteer-run and other community organisations with limited funding. Please let us know if you think you may be eligible for a fee exemption.

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