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Our staff

Our expert childcare teams

Rainbow Region Kids staff are passionate, qualified professionals. They create a safe space where children and families are respected for their individual needs and beliefs. Their knowledge, experience and skills build a natural extension of children’s school and family homes.

Our service coordinator oversees all our locations and teams, each consisting of qualified educators and assistant coordinators from those communities. Staff are selected for their childcare qualifications, professional experience and local knowledge, making our teams some of the best in the region.

In addition to their professional experience, Rainbow Region Kids staff members all hold NSW Working With Children checks and are certified in:

  • First aid
  • Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Anaphylaxis and asthma management
  • Child protection
  • Food safety awareness
  • Cultural sensitivity

In order to be responsive to our children’s needs, we often provide targeted training for our staff members, in areas such as behavioural management and inclusion support.

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Meet our staff

Outside School Hours Childcare Coordinator

Brooke Halliday

As our service coordinator, Brooke oversees all 14 service locations that operate throughout the Northern Rivers. Brooke ensures that all locations are meeting above quailty ACECQA standards and provides meaningful, quailty relationships with all our stakeholders.

Brooke is passionate about ensuring child protection and providing children with a secure and safe space. She previously worked in the early childcare sector for 3 years as lead educator and before that, worked in the medical field for over 12 years.

As our service coordinator, Brooke’s goal is to ensure that all families in the Northern Rivers have opportunities to access OSHC services, and to reduce their financial stresses during the cost of living crisis.

Childrens Services Development Worker

Jessica Meldrum

Jessica is Brooke’s 2IC. She is responsible for the development of educational programming, staff training and development, and coordinating a range of compliance, inclusion support plans and related documents. Jessica is passionate about childhood education and empowering children to develop a lifelong love of learning. Through OSHC, learning should be play-based and support the interests of children and their families to be activie citizens in the world around them.

Jessica is a pre-service English teacher (primary and secondary). Prior to working with Community Gateway, Jessica was an audiometry clinical assistant, supporting play-based hearing testing of children, educating hearing aid users and their families on making the most of hearing technologies, implementing effective communication strategies and supporting a diverse range of clients to meet their hearing health goals.

Jessica has a passion for inclusion and has shared her lived experiences as a mother of neurodiverse children, to support all children and their families to access OSHC.

Childcare Assistant Coordinator – Alstonville

Jessica Goldsmith

Jessica is 20 years old and has been a Northern Rivers local all her life. She is qualified in child protection, first aid and is currently engaged in study to achieve a Certificate lll in Childcare. Jessica loves being involved in anything creative, outdoor activties and nature walks.

As an educator, Jessica loves engaging every day in the development of young children and their minds. She is passionate about using play and learning together, to shape children’s growth and development.

Childcare Assistant Coordinator – Alstonville

Victoria Gaggero

Victoria is a highly creative and empathetic individual. With a decade-long journey as an educator, Victoria’s passion has revolved around nurturing young minds. She is captivated about this profession and the continuous learning experience it offers – each day, young minds teach her something new.

Victoria takes immense pride in her role as an educator because she firmly believes in the power of education to shape not only individuals but also the future. Victoria loves helping children to be better people, be happy and grow with values.

Along with her child protection, first aid, CPR and Working With Children certificates, Victoria also has a bachelor’s degree in Business and Administration, and a master’s degree in Science of Marketing.

Childcare Assistant Coordinator – Casino West

Courtney Hodges

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Childcare Assistant Coordinator – Kyogle

Bayah Creighton

Bayah is a Northern Rivers local, who has been working with children for over 5 years across many different services, including OSHC, long day care and preschools. She believes that education should be fun, accessible for all and that a child’s main job is to have fun.

As an educator, Bayah strives to ensure that children in our care are having fun and excitement in a safe, supportive and educational environment, through planned and spontaneous activities. Each activity is planned with consideration to each child’s interests, our scheduled programs and feedback received from children and their families.

Childcare Assistant Coordinator – Lismore

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Childcare Assistant Coordinator – Mullumbimby

Anais Dangel

Anais has been immersed in schools her whole life. Qualifying as a philosophy teacher in France, Anais taught there for ten years, explored the world, fell in love with the Northern Rivers region and now lives here.

Anais believes that life should be joyful, fulfilling, that education is a wonderful opportunity to support children’s growth, and to help them articulate their developing perosnalities to build a vibrant and harmonious community. She supports children to find their own ways to be, grow, and strives to practice values with them, such as justice, truth and love.

As an educator, Anais creates spaces where expression in all its forms is welcomed and encouraged. She offer children a clear structure, to make them feel secure and protected, gives them a strong voice for the co-creation of activities, and loves listening to their observations and wisdom.

Childcare Assistant Coordinator – Ocean Shores

Demi Miller

Demi is new to childcare and education, and is currently engaged in a Certificate IV in Children’s Services. She is passionate about working with children and young people, creating a sense of community, etting to know them and seeing their personalities bloom.

As an educator, Demi creates judgement-free, inclusive, and safes paces where all ages and genders of children can play and learn harmoniously. She encourages children to use their voices and have input in our day-to-day activities.

Childcare Assistant Coordinator – Wardell

Hayley Bass

Hayley has been an educator for several years and has loved every step with all the children she has cared for. Having worked in long day care centres with children from 6 weeks to 5 years old, Hayley now works with primary school ages and loves every minute of it.

As an educator, Hayley loves seeing the children every day to play, learn and explore together. She believes that children all have their own personalities, learning ways and skills,  and that her involvement is to bring out their individual strengths and abilities.

Childcare Assistant Coordinator – Wollongbar

Judy Balderi

Judy has been our Wollongbar Assistant Coordinator for the last 6 years. She has over 20 years of experience working with children, previously working as a teacher’s aide, assisting children with additional and behavioural needs.

Judy loves working with young people, treats each child as an individual and believes that children learn best through play.

As an educator, Judy creates opportunities for children to explore, discover, create and imagine. She values and grows each child’s strengths, interests, skills, abilities and knowledge to extend their learning.


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