Workshops to help locals out of the poverty trap

20 Jul, 2022

New workshops for financially disadvantaged people in Northern NSW will help people out of financial crisis.

You may be aware that we provide a suite of wrap-around support services for disadvantaged people, tailored to each person’s individual circumstances.

Many of these supports are financial. While we feel proud to be able to support people in financial crisis, it’s sometimes heartbreaking to see some people in a constant state of crisis. And it’s frustrating that our crisis intervention supports are a short-term fix.

We’ve known this as an issue for a long time, and have been working away behind the scenes to address it with events like our Financial Inclusion Conference which happened in Sydney earlier this year.

So we’re very excited to have been given the green light to develop some great grass-roots supports that are going to help local people get out of financial crisis and stay out of crisis. We’re in the process of planning a series of workshops throughout Northern NSW that will help participants to build financial confidence, capability and resilience.

The workshops will be run by an accredited financial planning coach and will be aimed at financially vulnerable groups that include long term unemployed, young adults and First Nations Australians.

We will be partnering with local employment and support agencies, who will be linking their clients to these workshops. And you’ll hear all about it right here too.

So if you feel anxious or stressed when you think about money matters, these workshops could be for you.

For more information about these workshops, please contact Renee by calling 6621 7397 or emailing

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