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To enquire about Reaching Out or to make an appointment for yourself or someone else, call us on 02 6621 7397,  email intaketraumacounsellor@nrcg.org.au, visit our Lismore Community Hub or complete our online referral form

Adult survivors of sexual assault

Reaching Out is a free, confidential counselling service for adults who have experienced sexual assault as a child.

The impacts of childhood sexual abuse develop or increase over time, and can be triggered by events currently occurring in people’s lives.

Common long term impacts of childhood sexual assault include sleeping difficulties, fear, panic attacks, depression, anxiety, numbness, a sense of ‘feeling out of control’, intrusive memories, and other post-traumatic stress related symptoms.

This service is strictly confidential and all information exchanged is handled with care and confidence. Feel free to ask us about our information security practices.

What does Reaching Out provide?

  • Free, confidential, long or short term counselling to adults who were sexually abused as children.
  • Counselling and support to non-offending family members and significant others.
  • Interpreters where required.

Some facts about sexual assault

Sexual assault is a crime against the individual victim/survivor and society:

  • Victims/survivors have the right to be believed, heard and supported.
  • Childhood sexual abuse is often perpetrated by someone known or trusted.
  • Victims/survivors are never to be blamed for the actions of the perpetrator.
  • Any unwanted sexual contact or any sexual behaviour that made you feel uncomfortable as a child can be defined as sexual abuse.
  • Both women and men can experience childhood sexual abuse.
  • Childhood sexual abuse can have significant short and long-term impacts on victims/survivors and their families.

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