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To register for our trauma counselling service, please complete our online referral form. If you have additional questions, call us on 02 6621 7397,  email intaketraumacounsellor@nrcg.org.au or visit our Lismore Community Hub.

Child and adolescent trauma counselling

Free, confidential counselling service for children and young adults.

There are many different events that children and adolescents face during their life that can lead to an experience of trauma. Experiences such as domestic and family violence, sexual assault, bullying, separation, death and natural disasters can all cause lasting effects on a young person’s emotional growth and development.

Our expert, qualified trauma counsellors use a variety of creative and expressive therapies to address the symptoms of trauma. These include sand tray and symbol work, drawing therapy, play therapy, relaxation and mindfulness.

Counselling can be provided face-to-face throughout the Northern Rivers region. All information exchanged is handled with the utmost care and confidence. Feel free to ask us about our information security practices.

What does our trauma counselling service provide?

  • Free, confidential and professional counselling.
  • Long and short term individual counselling.
  • Support for children and adolescents who have been sexually assaulted, exposed to domestic violence, or other forms of trauma.
  • Counselling and support is also offered to non-offending family members or carers.
  • Support groups for children, adolescents and their non-offending parents or carers.
  • Specialist consultation, information and resources about the effects of trauma on emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

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