Child safety

We are a child safe organisation

Community Gateway is committed to the safety and wellbeing of children and young people, as represented in the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

Our charter of commitment to child safety:

We support children to actively participate and share their views and vision


We strive to genuinely engage with and support children and young people to share their views and have their rights respected. We review our processes to strengthen opportunities for children to actively participate in decision-making.

We create an environment that is safe and welcoming


We are committed to providing a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for children, young people and their families. Across all our services we seek to create conditions that reduce risk and the likelihood of harm to children.

We value respect, diversity and inclusion


We are a values-driven organisation and actively anticipate and respond to children’s diverse circumstances. We support the children and young people in our programs to develop pride and connection to their culture and community and strengthen their sense of belonging and identity.

We champion integrity, select suitable workers and support them to stay informed and be responsible


All our staff and volunteers commit to the child safe principles and expectations outlined in our Code of Conduct and receive regular training on our child safe strategies and practices. We integrate child safe responsibilities into our everyday practices, and support staff in their effective responses through ongoing supervision.

We listen to feedback, concerns and complaints and use it to continually improve and innovate


We foster a culture of awareness and support all people to raise concerns about the safety of children and young people. We follow detailed complaint and reporting procedures and provide children and their families with clear information on how to communicate their concerns.

Our staff, clients and communities are encouraged to continually strengthen our child safe practices. We actively work with our communities to improve outcomes for children and young people.

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