Our Privacy policy statement

We place great value on earning and maintaining the trust of our clients, employees and others whose private, personal, sensitive and confidential information is shared with us.

In today’s community services environment, the privacy and protection of information is important for both electronic records and paper-based records.

Personal information collected by our staff is handled in accordance with legislation, our organisational policies and code of conduct, which affirm our commitment to the protection of confidential information including, as appropriate, the protection of personal data under the Australian Privacy Principles.

We affirm our commitment to the privacy and ethical use of information provided by our clients and people using this website. We respect the privacy of our staff, other workplace participants and all individuals we engage with.

Our guiding principles

Community Gateway is committed to ensuring all involved in the management of the organisation comply with their obligations under legislation. Our policy outlines how we manage personal information within our organisation and reflects our adherence to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1998, both in intent and procedure.

Community Gateway follows the Australian Privacy Principles maintained by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. This includes commitment to:

  • Provide timely and appropriate notice to individuals about our data processing practices.
  • Collect, hold and use personal data only with an individual’s consent, which may be express or implied, depending on the sensitivity of the personal data and the individual’s reasonable expectations.
  • Collect, hold and use personal data only for specific, legitimate business purposes and in a manner consistent with the purposes for which it was collected.
  • Not use personal data with third parties, or provide personal data to third parties without giving the individual concerned an opportunity to choose whether their data can be disclosed for such use. Permissions will established at the point of initial collection and conditions of the agreement documented.

Our commitment to the management of your data


We take all legally required and commercially reasonable steps to ensure personal data is reliable for its intended use, accurate, complete and, where necessary, appropriately updated.


We take all legally required and commercially reasonable measures, proportional to the associated risk, to protect personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration, and destruction.


Pursuant to our records retention policies and procedures, Community Gateway shall not keep personal data for longer than necessary or permitted by law.

Concerns about privacy

If you have any concerns or questions about how we manage your privacy, please address them in writing to our Chief Executive Officer via one of the channels below:

  • Email
  • Post to PO Box 525, Lismore NSW 2480
  • Fax (02) 6622 0235
  • In person by visiting our Lismore Community Hub

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